Internet TV is a growing fad in today’s modern world. Well, it’s not that surprising since the World Wide Web has always been a good friend and partner when it comes to accessing information, communication, and entertainment. But what are the different examples of device to watch TV from internet? Read on and find out.

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First we have the PC TV tuner. A TV tuner is a device that enables you to connect an analog or digital TV signal to your computer. PC TV tuners are connected to the computer, and then the cable or antenna television source is also connected to the device just like you would connect to any typical TV. PC TV tuners work in the same way that regular TV tuners do. They receive signals from a satellite, and interpret this signal as moving pictures and sound. Then, they send this information to the computer monitor and speakers for viewers to watch.

There are different kinds of PC TV tuners. There are external TV tuners, which usually plug into a USB port on your computer. There are also internal TV tuner cards, which you must install inside your computer. In other words, PC TV tuners are available in two forms – PCI cards and external USB boxes. PC TV tuners may also be classified as low-end or high-end. Low-end ones will often offload the job of interpreting the signal to your computer's processor, slowing down your computer for other tasks. Others will reinterpret the signal themselves, leaving your computer to only stream and display the signal as an MPEG video.

Without a TV tuner, you cannot watch and record live TV in Windows Media Center. But then again, watching and recording TV in Windows Media Center for the first time will require you to physically connect a TV signal to the TV tuner on your computer. Typically, this involves connecting one end of a coaxial cable to your tuner, and the other end to your TV signal source.

Another device that you can use is the digital cable box. Cable boxes work by allowing the streaming of raw data from the box to your computer’s hard drive via FireWire. The main advantage of this method of getting television on to your computer is that the signal may be of the highest quality and look superb on screen and in recordings.

PC TV tuners and digital cable boxes are just two examples of device to watch TV from internet.